Swan beats dog to death.

A swan has been put down in a park in Dublin after it attacked and killed a dog swimming in the pond. The Cocker Spaniel had been close to the a group of swans and cygnets in Bushy Park, Terenure, when one of them angrily headed towards her. Bystanders were then forced to look on in horror as the bird attacked the dog with ‘one wing and then the other’. One man said the blows stunned the animal and with ‘three or more slaps’ the dog was ‘gone’.


Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2019/07/02/swan-beats-dog-death-park-pond-10104505/?ito=cbshare



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    LMH 2 years ago

    Where were the owners of the poor dog?-poor swan! he was defending his family.

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    nickyb 2 years ago

    this is so stupid and cruel and wrong – the dog owner should be put down. the swan was guarding its young….. where was the dogs owner and why wasnt it under control. swans belong to queen so cant imagine who killed the swan, and why

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    patlucky 2 years ago

    That is so cruel putting a swan down when all he was doing was looking after his young.
    Swans mate for life now they have taken him from his female.
    Poor dog that was so sad.
    People need to be responsible for their dogs.
    So through an owners stupidity a dog and swan have lost their lives.
    Shame on the owners.
    R.I.P doggie and swan xx

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    Helen Burton 2 years ago

    Wrong ,wrong ,wrong this is outrageous ,this is a’ protected’ bird doing what comes naturally, protecting its young.!! This is what happens when you allow your dog to be a perceived threat to their cygnets / eggs, it’s instinctive to the pen and cob,
    who mate for life ,now one is dead due to ignorance and irresponsibility.!! So the pen is on her own to raise her cygnets !! Heartbreaking for the dog too ,but who ffs let’s their dog do that ,seriously !!! 😠

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