Stray Paphos dog finds UK home thanks to actor Martin Clunes

Lucky, an unwanted Paphos dog, has found a new home in the UK with a TV producer thanks to well-known actor Martin Clunes and the determination of a British expat resident and his wife.

Paphos resident Martyn Jones fostered the dog, aptly named ‘Lucky’, ahead of her trip to the UK. He told the Cyprus Mail that she is now living with Caroline O’Reilly, a TV and film script editor and producer in London.

“Lucky now has two homes as she lives in Wimbledon with Caroline when she’s working in London, and when she’s away, she holidays in Kent with her new owner’s father in-law,” he said.

ones’ wife, Russian expat, Katja, had started watching back-to-back episodes of top TV show ‘Doc Martin’ starring Clunes, which led to her watching another of his shows called ‘A man and his dog’, where the canine-loving actor sets out to discover the relationship between humans and dogs.

“It showed his love and passion for these animals and we decided to try and contact him to see if he would adopt Lucky. We managed to track him down and he couldn’t, but he said he knew someone who could,” said Jones.


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