Stolen spaniel reunited with owners after she was sold for £150 in car boot sale

Aah! Bisto the spaniel looks cocker hoop to be home after she was stolen from her garden.

When Laura Wonnacott went to Bisto’s kennel on July 31, the only trace of her was a collar lying on the lawn.

Days later, a woman spotted Bisto at a car boot sale in Worksop, Notts, which is almost 30 miles from her home in Lincoln.

Laura, 27, said: “Bisto was chained to a post and looking sad. She stroked her and a man said she could have her for £150.”

The lady bought Bisto and, for two weeks, the 10-year-old dog lived with her family in Rotherham as “Molly”.

Bisto was stolen then offered up for sale for £150 (Image: Lincolnshire Live/MEN Media)

Meanwhile, Laura and her sister Abi, 26, had put posts on social media about Bisto and offered a reward.

Laura said: “As time went on we lost hope and thought we might never see Bisto again.”

But the father of Bisto’s new owner saw the Facebook posts and on Sunday, the woman contacted Laura.

Laura said: “Abi took the call, and she burst into tears. The lady sent photos to confirm it was Bisto. Abi was so overwhelmed I took the rest of the call and agreed to meet immediately.”

They met up midway between their homes, and Bisto was absolutely overjoyed to see Laura and Abi again.

Laura said: “Bisto is in high spirits. She was so happy to be back in the garden, her tail hasn’t stopped wagging. She has had plenty of treats and lots of cuddles.”

You can view the original article (by The Mirror) here.

Bisto’s DogLost timeline can be viewed here.

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