Stolen Amo back home!

Update from owner…

‼️Amo is HOME‼️

I just want to update you all on this evenings events. I received a message from somebody saying they had found a dog like Amo wondering in Bedfordshire, so they sent me photos and sure enough it was her. After a 2 1/2 hour drive each way, Amo is finally home. The 171 days without her were the worst of my life, but today was hands down, the best, EVER.

I could not have done it without the support of my team Higham IA, Anneka Best Clark, Mandy Butler and Sandy Redmore, who were on call every minute of each day helping with every single lead that came through and offering help and support every step of the way. Amy Solomon and Angela Hoy you both helped from the second I knew Amo had been taken, and gave both mum and I support, so thank you both so much. There are so many others that I haven’t mentioned and I apologise, but every single person that has shared posts, offered kind words and shown support through Amo’s Army – you were my fuel through this battle.

Amo you will be tucked up in my arms all evening, and I am so content, happy, and beyond overwhelmed to have you home. Words cannot describe how I feel right now ❤️

I told you I’d never give up on you, you are my whole world 💕

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