Springer Ben is…REUNITED

From our friends at Missing Dogs Team Wales…
đź’™When this handsome boy Ben escaped from his owners at Margam Crematorium on the 13th February it was an awful worry for his new owners Chris Lodwig and Mary Lodwig given that Ben was so close to the M4 and in fact, he was actually seen running the hard shoulder that day on there which I found out once I spoke to Chris on the phone. The thought of this was horrifying and I quickly got hold of our Volunteer Anthony Bailey who I knew would be the man to help Ben if anyone could ..We soon got word that Ben had been seen on a housing estate near the Crem which was a huge relief to everyone that he was off that M4 but now he needed to stay off it too so food was left out which in fact were meatballs that I swear by as they have a very strong odour that lasts so with help from lovely residents there we were able to keep track of Ben’s movements due to CCTV on one house plus cameras that were set up by Anthony, it didnt take long to find out that Ben found himself a safe garden which was next door to lovely Clare Morris who was also looking out for Ben for us, Clare spoke to her neighbours to ask if okay for Ben to be fed in their garden but they went even better than that and offered their Summer house/shed to be left open for Ben to have shelter as by now Dennis the Menace Storm had arrived and it was horrendous up there… Ben very quickly used the shed for shelter and food which was placed inside. Lots of footage viewed on the camera set up which was such a relief to everyone to know he had shelter and very safe there from any attempts of capture by strangers. We even had a WPC helping to look for him which was amazing .. Owen Griffith who had lost his own dog, Joe, a while back also stepped in to help by sitting in his car for many cold hours watching to see if Ben was staying safe up there.. by the Wed Anthony any myself agreed it was time to put a trap in place inside the shed which was placed on Thursday at 6pm, by 6.13 Ben was caught in the trap ! 🙂much to the amazement of us all how smoothly and quickly it happened .!.
It was the best news we could have hoped for and Ben was finally going to be reunited soon with Chris and Mary ..💙 thanks to Anthony sat watching in garage 🙂
Many lovely people helped achieve this happy ending especially Allan for allowing the use of the shed without this the outcome may not have worked so well much to a very relieved Fionna Ashman where Ben was in Rescue with before his adoption.
We want to thank Allan for this also Richard Powell who also went looking for Ben ( Richard’s Beagle Dylan had also gone AWOL a while back ) but most of all Team Wales want to say a huge thank you to Chris and Mary for the generous donation given by them ❤which will be used for further equipment to help reunite many situations like Ben was in… Thank you both so much ..xx

Well done to everyone involved!!


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