social media reunites stolen Beagle Ruby.

Ruby was in a van that was stolen on the 15th February…Due to social media she was found and reunited within 12 hours. Owner registered on DogLost , with photo of van and alerts were sent out immediately and kindly shared on FB and other sites leading to the recovery off Ruby…Thanks everyone…sharing works!

From owner…

“Guess who’s back! I am so overwhelmed by the support and kindness to get Ruby home and she is home!! Thankfully the van had a tracker on it that we were unaware off and was left abandoned with Ruby still in it! Thank you so much Natalie and Ian for your tracker!! Unfortunately Mike’s fishing gear was taken and they came to our home and stole his car…please keep a look out for a Vauxhall Insignia BG12 FKZ estate and report to the police if you see it. you are an amazing service and all the other sites that have helped me. Social media has showed its positivity and I am so grateful, I’ve literally just had a text where a girl has seen a social media post and has seen a dog matches Ruby’s description in a van so by hook or by crook she would be home. Again thank you,thank you,thank you I am forever grateful for your help and messages ❤️❤️🐶


Follow the story as it happened on Ruby’s DogLost timeline.

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