Simon Cowell offers £10,000 reward to find stolen dog.

Simon Cowell has kindly put up a reward   to find Morse after being touched by a young boys letter to Santa just saying all he wants for Christmas is his dog back home.

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  1. Jayne
    Jayne 9 months ago

    Hopefully the reward and all the extra coverage will help find Morse in time for Christmas!

  2. nicky brooks 9 months ago

    simon cowell is one of many very famous very rich people who have very kind hearts. do hope it brings little Morse home

  3. Oliver Gill 8 months ago

    That letter to Santa certainly worked.

  4. Elaine (Tinker and Hemps mum) 8 months ago

    Brilliant news that Morse got home.

    I contacted Simon Cowell 3 years ago for support in finding Tinker and Hemp 71080 and 71081.
    I didn’t even get a reply ☹️ All I want is for both my girls pictures to be shown on TV in the hope someone recognises them.

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