Simba featured on Lost and found Channel 4.

What a caring owner!  Jack (screen name)  was so sweet on the phone to me that day and so appreciative and of course worried!…  he just wanted to know what to do and followed all advice given!

The NW helpers kicked in and within hours over 2,000  Page views on DogLost alone and those all important social media shares!  see timeline here…

Area co-ordinator Jan quickly came on the case, sending the all important local advice sheets and spreading all over DogLost Facebook groups and other local dog-related Facebook groups…. Working together helps!

What a lovely finder  – stopping on a busy road to pick up and save Simba…. And what a combined effort sharing on SM so finder knew who to call.




  1. Jayne
    Jayne 1 month ago

    Fell in love with the blind French bulldog x Chihuahua puppy on the show!

  2. nicky brooks 1 month ago

    all the lost dogs i have seen on this excellent series have not had collar and id tag when lost and still not wearing one when they are back home…………… for the finder a tag means they can immediately ring owner, saving the finder so much inconvenience, (what to do with dog if en route to airport/hospital appt/work etc etc, heartache and time, saves the dog being even more stressed and scared, and saves owner all to the above. besides by law all dogs should have id tags as well as chips

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