Silky reunited photos and update.

Happy update from  Christina Cass Fb page….read more here…


SILKY UPDATE: YES! Woohoo!!! Silky has been caught! Alive, well, and reunited with her mum & dad 

MASSIVE massive shout out to Barry Mcgovaney, Maggie leuty, William Cochrane, Garry freeburn, Lyndsay brown, Dileas Macdonald, Andy Mcallion, Brian Acton, Jo Hall, and anyone else I haven’t named for actually being out – boots on the ground – and searching. You have such big hearts.

The emotional rollercoaster, and physical efforts of a search are immense, and you guys are in at the deep end again and again. It’s part science, part art, part councillor, part adrenalin junkie, part emergency service, part dog trainer and part Bear Grills…all with an unknown outcome, and a very upset and frightened family to support. Hats off guys BIG TIME.

The only one not delighted about any of this is Skye, who was eagerly awaiting a S&R day watching me load up the car!

We’ll take the girls for a lovely day on the hill instead, I’m sure she can squeeze in a sneaky game of hide and seek here and there…might even be a ball 😉


Follow the DogLost Silky timeline here…

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