Should you put your dogs name on a missing poster?

I am asked this so many times…but would ask for your comments first so I can reply…I have very fixed opinions on this one from an admin point of view…would love to hear what you think.


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    S Williams 3 years ago

    We have a name on ours as it became important to have a name but its not Pups real name as we felt (and still feel) its all we have going for us really if her chip fails or we find her and need to act before she can be scanned….

    She may still remember her real name even though she was still a baby when she was stolen… I was going to change it when I got her home but after she ‘told’ (its speculative but the woman KNEW her real name so its amazing were it just a guess) a communicator she wanted to be called her name by her because she was loved when she was called that IF we ever do find her I will never ever change it now.

    We never reveal her name though to be honest its an odd name for a spaniel so we may have left it off originally by being embarrassed lol….

    Most owners have their own views on if a name should be used or not as well. For us we just wanted something we could hold on to for Pups that nobody else could say ‘I call her that’ … We have so little to hold on to and its been so long now we can’t say we were right or wrong. xx

  2. Jayne
    Jayne 3 years ago

    Thank you for your thoughts I will address all queries when raised. But from admin point of view having no name on a poster really does not help us…as so often people who have seen a poster ring us first ( as they dont want to give owner false hope…or owners phone is not answering)
    So this is how most conversations start….” I think I may know where the dog on the poster is”
    I then ask the dogs name so I can start a search our data base… narrow the search down slightly!
    For example …no name just breed…ie Staffordshire bull terrier…over 2,000 come up as lost!….Now if the name is on the poster ie Bella…admin are now looking at 17 dogs as opposed to 2,000!
    Then we can ask where abouts they are…if South East…then narrowed down to 4 dogs…So it gets easier for us…we can ascertain which dog and inform owners!
    Although we have ID numbers on the posters only 1 in 20 people who call in actualy make a note of the ID number!
    Now this may take 20 minutes to do and we need to let owners know straight away about the sighting/info.

    ….Then…wait for this!….I get many ringing me with … I have spotted the dog I have seen on FB with your poster….No name… and no recollection of which FB page? so basically admin has 16,850 missing dogs that match that description! ie missing.

    Thank god we run a database…and thank you to local co-ordinators that I ask you to look on FB…with limited info…as dont do it myself.

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      S Williams 3 years ago

      Oh Jayne we get those messages to lol… I love the ones on the ground who tell you they saw a post on FB .. you ask them where and they say it was on my wall lol….So helpful 😉

      From your point of view at DL and admin a name is essential…. For us we realized a name was needed fairly early on to hence her being given Pup…. Reading your comment I am so glad we did lol…. It must be hard enough with a name alone for you to find one. ( mind her DL ID is ingrained on us to lol we learned it off by heart… We actually did her old crime number but the new one I can never remember lol)

      We will totally confuse folk IF we ever get Pups home. So many times we have wanted to use her real name yet it is all we have up our sleeve..If we find her we will use her actual name and confuse everyone lol…

      Note to self remember to put AKA PUP on he post lol xx

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    Janice Wiggin 3 years ago

    I feel a name is important for all the reasons Jayne has already mentioned but also having a name gives the dogs a personal identity which is easier for people to remember and to locate when cross checking against those that pop up as possibilities

    1. Jayne
      Jayne 3 years ago

      Also alot of people are concerned that if the name is on the poster and someone decides to keep the dog they know its name…Now if you want the dog to respond you call it by its name.
      So if someone sees a missing poster then sees someone new with a similar dog calling it by the same name they will be a little suspicious that it could be the same dog.
      Also…and this happens alot…Many people will ring if a neighbour suddenly acquires a new dog and ask if any missing in the area….I give them the name and they wait until neighbour has gone out and if dog is in garden see if the dog responds to the name…and if so call me back.

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