Should you give your dog pancakes this Pancake Day 2019?

Pancake Day is Tuesday, and we’re super excited to wake up and smother our pancakes in lemon and sugar. Or maybe Nutella and banana, if we’re feeling a little adventurous. But you should hold the chocolate if you’re going to be treating your dog to a pancake – which likely a lot of you will be doing, because dogs should get to enjoy things with the rest of the family, right? If you’re worrying about whether it’s okay to give your pup a pancake this Shrove Tuesday – don’t. It’s totally fine, as long as you make sure they’re safe.

TV Vet & animal welfare campaigner Marc Abraham tells that pancakes are absolutely okay for dogs as long as they’re only given as a special treat. However, they mustn’t contain chocolate, sultanas, raisins, grapes or anything containing the sweetener xylitol, as these can all be poisonous. It’s also best you stick to savoury pancakes instead of ones that are sweet and sugary.

Marc says: ‘Stick to savoury rather than feeding pancakes too sweet/sugary, as they can increase chances of your dog developing painful, and often hard to treat pancreatitis; and of course long-term obesity is a risk with any treats, so please reduce your dog’s daily food ration to try and avoid this, and always exercise your dog appropriately.’ So, it’s absolutely fine to let your pup join in with the Shrove Tuesday celebrations, just be aware of what goes in the pancakes. Keep them safe and savoury for your doggo, and they’ll be fine.

Foods you should never feed your dogs: chocolate caffeine onions garlic chives alcohol mouldy foods grapes raisins macadamia nuts yeast dough bones corn on the cob.


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