Should all cars include a ‘dog mode’?

Elon Musk suggests future Teslas may feature remote temperature control to keep pets cool and message display to reassure passersby.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has suggested that he may include a “dog mode” in future versions of his company’s electric vehicles in order to keep pets from overheating.

The billionaire responded to several questions on Twitter after confirming that a new range of Tesla Model 3 cars will be released in the near future.

Asked by one tweeter whether the new models could include a mode to keep canine passengers comfortable, Musk simply replied: “Yes.”

This is “just a Musk tweet, not a formal feature announcement”, notes Mashable, but “it’s not a terrible idea”.

Animal welfare charities worldwide, including the UK’s RSPCA, advise that dogs should never be left in cars on warm days and that people who see distressed pets in vehicles should call the emergency services.

The RSPCA received an average of two calls an hour during the heatwave in England and Wales this summer, reports The Times.

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