Should a reward be offered on missing dogs?

This is a question I am asked alot…Thank you Wayne May …DogLost, SAMPA and Artisan Rescue for your thoughts below.

Dog theft and rewards.
Its understandable after having a pet stolen, that you would give anything or pay anything to recover your much loved pet and member of the family.
After many years liasing with other organisations and serving police officers, and myself being a victim of dog theft the term REWARD opens doors for the opportunist thief and / or the career criminal that prey on pet owner’s and there pets.
I would suggest changing the term reward to finder’s fee with no designated amount.
This puts the owner in charge of what they see reasonable to cover anyone’s costs in finding your pet. This will also reduce the risk of prank calls, or owners paying a reward or ransom to an unknown individual.
By offering a finders fee only, will make the pet less attractive to criminals. Lets be honest its far easier to steal a dog and lower risk with less charges, than stealing a car or robbery and the rewards can more substantial.
United we can take this away from the criminal fraternity, make pet theft less desirable and less rewarding.
Remember you can be legally responsible to pay a specified reward even if you know the person / person’s stole your pet.
A FINDERS FEEĀ  allows you to be in control.
Wayne May.


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