Shadow found after 45 days on a cliff with a broken leg

Gina our South West co-ordinator ( Poochpal) Had some lovely news on Sunday evening.  An over joyed owner of shadow rang with the great news shadow was home!

Despite owners and Gina searching the cliffs and getting the lifeboat guys to search as well…there had been no sightings.

On Sunday a couple came across Shadow  who had a broken leg and was painfully thin…they called the RSPCA and whilst they were waiting a person stopped to help…got out their phone and checked on the Doglost Dorset FB page and matched up with her owners.

From Gina…

 He has a broken leg which has partially set and lost 10kg in weight but as his major organs are still working owners and vet are hoping for a full recovery.
Thorough searches were made by the coastguards and a drone pilot during the day’s following his dissapearance but as no sign of him it was assumed he had been picked up.
Shadow has come out of surgery, sticks stones and bones removed which would have killed him they have a go fund me for vet bills.
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    nickyb 2 years ago

    this is the most wonderful happy ending for the owners and doglost’s team but also for the finders who seeing dogs condition probably feared the worst and the dog was an abandoned pet. brilliant news

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      Poochpal 2 years ago

      So many searches were made for Shadow in the days after he went missing without a single sighting that it was thought he might have been stolen.
      He is one very lucky dog to have made his way down onto the beach. 💕❤️💕

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    Poochpal 2 years ago

    By the way Jayne, I’m South West, not North West.
    Latest update on our little hero from his owner, Amber:

    Shadow update 🐾

    Hi everyone, he looked a little better in himself today. His even trying to protect his food bowl at the vets which apparently is good. More tail wagging, although he literally stands for 5 minutes and then has to go back to his cage as wobbling over.

    Had wind knocked out of us though. We mananged to get £1000 together yesterday so we paid up a chunk at vets. (It was up to £1440 yesterday evening). They’ve had the quote from the specialist orthopaedic surgeon at Ringwood, as Shadow’s vet isn’t happy to do the procedure herself.
    His leg is quoted at £3,500 for plates and screws. Amputation is slightly cheaper but more traumatic mentally.
    Feel like crying but we’re not giving up on him now or having him put down.

    So yet again a real rollercoaster of a day xxx

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