Sesi reuinted story.

Sesi is a husky cross, around 3 years old.  She hasn’t had the best starts in life, having several homes & at some point suffering neglect.  Her now owner took her from this, in the hope of giving her a better future.  Once home, Sesi’s owner realised that she had some issues to overcome and Sesi was very subdued.  When this continued the next day, a Saturday, her owner decided to take her for a brief walk to help her to settle.  Unfortunately not long into her walk, Sesi was spooked by something, managed to snap her collar & run into a nearby forest.

Sesi’s owner took to Facebook to ask people to look out for her & local Doglost members soon advised her to register Sesi on the Doglost website.
There were no sightings over the weekend, Sesi’s owner spent the time searching in the Forest, as well as contacting local dog wardens, vets & kennels incase Sesi had been handed in.  She also contacted Petlog to ensure that her details were registered on the database so that she could be contacted if Sesi was handed in and scanned.
Early the following week, Sesi’s owner received a call from a local company who let her know that Sesi had been on their site, they had given her food & water but had been unable to catch her.  Her owner got there but still Sesi would run as soon as anyone approached. The guys on the site were keen to help catch Sesi and one of them worked about establishing a feeding station as it was already clear that she would need to be caught in a trap.  Andy did a fantastic job for the rest of this week and soon Sesi was regularly returning, as long as no one seemed to be approaching her, she was comfortable on the site and a trap was borrowed & introduced to the site to build Sesi’s confidence so that this could be eventually set.
On Sunday morning, Sesi’s owner heard from another site over the road that she was on their site and they were concerned for her safety as the site would be very busy during the week.  It was thought that Sesi had got onto the site through a very small gap in the fence which was surrounded with razor wire and hoped that overnight under cover of dark she would make her own way off the site and resume her visits to her feeding station.
But Monday morning Sesi was still on the site and the company kindly agreed that the feeding station could be moved to their site in an area where they would keep quiet to try to keep Sesi safe and Andy picked up his efforts on the new site.  It is thought that after injuring herself on the razor wire Sesi was too scared to leave the site back the way she’d come.
Thankfully Sesi adapted to the moving of the feeding station and was quickly taking food regularly and confidently so we were soon able to contact Ray Dedicoat to ask for his help in the safe capture of Sesi.  Ray kindly agreed to help and came out the following evening and Sesi was very soon safely caught in his compound!
Ray took Sesi back to his kennels to give her time to calm down and in conjunction with Sesi’s owner a vet check was organised to check her cuts and her skin before Sesi’s delighted owner arrived to collect her!
Sesi’s story was a brilliant example of people working together for the safe capture of her which was achieved efficiently, this was also supported by local authorities and rescues enforcing to the public that all was in hand and stressing the importance of people not approaching Sesi in the fear that she would run and not return to her feeding station.  A local rescue have also offered to support Sesi’s owner with overcoming her issues so that she can now start the wonderful life she deserves.
Well done Ray Dedicoat…The number one trapper in the UK!
You did it again! Read more about Ray and his rescue here…

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