Scooby on the Victoria Derbyshire show today.

Scooby was invited back on to the Victoria Derbyshire show as dog theft was being debated today in the houses of Parliament.

Please follow Scooby’s DogLost timeline here…


Many From DogLost  attended and as soon as I have photos will put on blog….


    1. Avatar
      reynard 3 years ago

      This i ^ ^ is the Pet Theft Debate held today .

      1. Jayne
        Jayne 3 years ago

        Tx ! started off lacklustre then some really strong characters stood up be cause quite frankly The proposer was waffling a bit and mentioning everyone he could think of to thank them…rather than concentrating on we know it happens let get the punishment sorted….and stop it…full report tomorrow when I get home…As you may know the severn tunnel is closed so we are doing the full Gloucester tour to get to Newport…..on an old train and my Dongle is not liking your no go zones….so speak soon and will update tomorrow …When I posted Scooby it took me 30 minutes!
        Obviously getting near civilization now as posts are going on…

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