Last night one of our owners of a MISSING/STOLEN Dog received a text message saying that they were to pay £50 and their dog would be tied up somewhere local for them to collect once money received.
£50, sounded too low, could be a hoax, but these distraught owners took the risk . . .
They tried everything; please send us a photo so that we know our boy is OK; we’ll hand over cash when we meet to collect dog etc. Nothing would get a photo or confirmation that they actually had the dog.
Money was sent to a Bank Account – a few more texts to find out location of where dog would be left so that our team could go and collect.
Finally a text came through with a location, a Pub 9 miles away. This location was checked and no dog appeared tied up outside.
Then another text  . . .  deal is off, dog has been in van all night ready to be tied up somewhere!! Then nothing more  . . . .
This morning another owner has posted up on their Facebook page that exactly the same thing has happened to them; to the same Bank Account, with the same Name on!!
PLEASE BE AWARE AND URGENTLY CONTACT or our Head Office if this happens to you
The Bank that the account is with has confirmed that there have been quite a few payments of same amount with reference ‘dog’ paid into account.


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    Karen Harding 2 years ago

    It was heartbreaking to see owners in this position; adults and children alike, distraught – absolute scum causing so much distress with no thought for others – please let us know if you hear of any more instances

  2. Jayne
    Jayne 2 years ago

    Our stolen team are looking into this along with the relevent police forces may we ask allinfo emailed to rather than circulated on social media…but please do share the warning from this page.

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    George Foulkes 2 years ago

    Why can’t the police check out the bank account?

  4. Avatar
    Robert Bristow 2 years ago

    Surely if all the bank details have been confirmed it would be easy enough for the police to act on also could the bank not freeze the account?

  5. Jayne
    Jayne 2 years ago

    The police are in the loop and we are providing them with all info.

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    Sharon Wardle ~ Social Media Team 2 years ago

    On the National Group, 2 more people have commented that this has happened to them recently so I’ve asked them to email with all the details.

  7. Jayne
    Jayne 2 years ago

    And lots more coming in…all passed forward to the people helping…What scum we have to deal with!

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    S Williams 2 years ago

    Jayne we had one ….Wanted 2000 for our dog up front (yeah like that would happen) It got nasty but so did I…..

    We dealt with it differently as the fool had not with held their number…

    I went into obsessive ringing but in addition we gave them to the police.

    The Fraud Office in London actually found our info was useful as these were not just into extortion via the missing but other things as well.

    We never thought to contact Doglost I am afraid but its cos we got angry …. They got dealt with but I am sorry we never thought to talk to you.

    But well done for this!! It needs to stop…They were convincing when I talked to them HOWEVER something rang untrue…

    Then I got cross…

    Saying that they told me if I didn’t pay them I would never see my girl again…. That still stays as I never have …I know they didn’t have her (the police confirmed they had no dogs as well as they were 300 miles from where they said they were) On bad days that fill in the blanks words haunt me….

    I think I do still have the letters…I know I do just not sure where but if I find them do you want them emailed to you? x

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    S Williams 2 years ago

    Oh just thought….I got a text 2 nights ago …It said I know where your dog is….

    I replied is it mine or the one I ytake calls for …

    They didn’t answer…

    Obviously they were not sure which dog they could say they had …

    I got their number so will send it you…

    For me it could well have just been yet another pervert or a wind up but will email the number as it might be the same number ? x

  10. Avatar
    Gillian 2 years ago

    Just had this happen to my parents who’s dog is missing

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