Last night one of our owners of a MISSING/STOLEN Dog received a text message saying that they were to pay £50 and their dog would be tied up somewhere local for them to collect once money received.
£50, sounded too low, could be a hoax, but these distraught owners took the risk . . .
They tried everything; please send us a photo so that we know our boy is OK; we’ll hand over cash when we meet to collect dog etc. Nothing would get a photo or confirmation that they actually had the dog.
Money was sent to a Bank Account – a few more texts to find out location of where dog would be left so that our team could go and collect.
Finally a text came through with a location, a Pub 9 miles away. This location was checked and no dog appeared tied up outside.
Then another text  . . .  deal is off, dog has been in van all night ready to be tied up somewhere!! Then nothing more  . . . .
This morning another owner has posted up on their Facebook page that exactly the same thing has happened to them; to the same Bank Account, with the same Name on!!
PLEASE BE AWARE AND URGENTLY CONTACT or our Head Office if this happens to you
The Bank that the account is with has confirmed that there have been quite a few payments of same amount with reference ‘dog’ paid into account.


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