Sam’s reunited story in the South Wales Guardian

A DOG that was missing for four-days in a remote snow-covered Carmarthenshire countryside has been found safe and well.

Olga and Steve were out walking their newly adopted dog Sam when he was spooked, slipped his collar and bolted.

Sam had only been with the couple for a short time after they adopted him from Greyhound Rescue Wales based in Garnant.

Olga said, “We adopted Sam very recently as a companion to our other dog Pixie, so he didn’t have time to really bond with me or my partner.”

Sam was lost in the remote countryside around Llandysul in snow and ice weather conditions.

A missing Facebook post was picked up by DogLostWales who offered support by setting up a group on social media dedicated to Sam in an effort to raise the profile of the missing dog.

Olga added: “We did not sleep from the night we lost him, we would try and have two-hour naps in the day before going out to search for him.

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Missing Greyhound is found thanks to Ammanford cobbler’s dog tag | South Wales Guardian

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