RSPCA’s unluckiest dog finds forever home in Cornwall

Noushka, the RSPCA’s unluckiest dog has potentially spent her last Christmas in the kennel, as she has been reserved for adoption. The seven-year-old Alaskan malamute cross has been at the RSPCA Ashley Heath Animal Centre since September 2017, but she is now set for a move to Cornwall on New Year’s Eve to what will hopefully be her forever home.

Kennel supervisor, Nicky Anthony said: “We did a poem on Facebook and that is where the interest came from. “(The adopters) came up in the middle of December and hopefully, she will be going on New Year’s Eve.”

Previously, Noushka had been adopted twice but returned due to her dislike for other dogs. She needs to be in a quiet, rural area where she won’t see many other dogs when she’s out and about. Sadly, she was once returned after only 24 hours but the team at the Ashley Heath centre made sure her next home would meet her needs.

“We have been quite a lot more specific over what she requires, what sort of home she can go to,” Nicky continued. “This home is meeting all the criteria. There are no other dogs at the home, and we made sure that she didn’t go to a built-up area.”

In a Facebook post on Christmas Eve, the Ashley Heath centre wrote: “The best Christmas present though is that our long term dog Noushka who has spent more than 720 days in RSPCA care is reserved and should hopefully be going to her new home in the New Year.”

The RSPCA says that Noushka is an extremely affectionate dog that travels well in the car and is house trained. Her kennel carers hope it will be third time lucky in this adoption and she will find her forever home in Cornwall.


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