Ricky Gervais supports the pet theft petition and SAMPA.

Pampered pets ‘drive up thefts’ as criminals exploit those desperate to have their animals back.

In some cases, the dogs are stolen to sell on; in others, for breeding, or for ransom or reward. And some are used in dog fights. “They pick on elderly people and they steal their dog. Then they trawl local papers and go on social media and as soon as a reward is offered they say, ‘Oh, we found your dog, we’ll meet you at such and such a railway station or garage’,” says Mr May. “The owners then part with several hundred pounds and get their dog back. It’s a very, very quick way of the thieves earning money – and the punishment is so light.”

Read more at: https://inews.co.uk/news/uk/pets-dogs-cats-theft/

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