Reunited Souk had fake “ransom” calls…

Just something that may be of help to the site. I did get 3 calls from scumbags saying they had found my girl. All wanting money for a reward or to replace the money that they had paid for her at Hare coursing events. The highest was £5000, I played along for a while but few cross referenced questions found them out . One was dopey enough to not use a private number. They said they were certain from the picture it was her.
Please if possible put a warning up for people who use the site to locate their dogs are warned about the scum who trawl these type of sites looking for heart broken owners who may be vulnerable. If I wasn’t so tired from being up all night I would have probably tried a meeting, thumped the scumbag liberated the poor dog. If there ever was one.
Many thanks for such a great website & organisation. It was through dog lost that I ended up rescuing souk over 2 years ago.
She’s now very happy with foster mum, brother & sister doggies.
I love her to pieces!
Best regards


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    Poochpal 3 years ago

    On first contact with owners I always try to warn about hoax calls and ransom demands. They are much more common than anyone realises.
    If it does happen ask for a photo of the dog they have, never arrange to meet by yourself, report to the police etc.
    She’s beautiful. X

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    CJ 3 years ago

    Yes sadly there are many that do this. As said by Gina NEVER meet up if they ask unless with someone else, better still contact police. NEVER part with money if they ask you transfer using some sort of 3rd party ( like Moneygram) as you will more than likely never see them or you money again.
    A case some while ago there was a similar pattern of the same type of calls and this was sent to police by a group keeping records and in fact ended up to be a number of police forces working together resulting in a custodial sentence.

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