Reunited Molly in the local press.

Read more here on the great team effort to find Molly

By Sheena Gregory, a frequent contributor to Dana’s Angels Fife FB group:

Good Golly Miss Molly

There’s a wee white Shitzu named Molly
Ran awa fae her auntie’s wan night
She wiz so fast naebodae cood follley
An vanished richt oot o sight

The Angels were cawed oot tae searchin
An the neebors an pals joined in tae
Tae track doon this wee furry urchin
An get her back hame we did pray

Christmas eve wiz the night she went missin
An awebodies busy wae stuff
But Molly wiz way mair important
An folk rallied roond richt enuff

Noo Molly hid went fir a wander
An covered some distance we ken
She wiz spotted a lot oan her daunder
Bit nae wan cood catch the wee hen

As days passed she often wiz seen
Bit vanished sae quick oota sight
We awe wondered where hiz she been
An worried tae whit wiz her plight

This mornin the guid new went roond
We’ve bin waitin so long jist tae hear
Good golly Miss Molly’s been foond
Awe roond Fife we cood hear the folk cheer

So Miss Molly yer back in the arms
O the family that love ye tae so much
So dinnae be runnin again
Or ye’ll get locked in the rabbit hutch (well it rhymes, there’s aye one daft bit)

So thanks tae awe the kind folks
Ye’ve really done yersells proud
Aye awe you brave wimin and blokes
Team Molly yer a wonderful crowd

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  1. Blogmod
    Blogmod 5 years ago

    Brilliant News! Stay safe now little Molly x

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