Reunited Frankie.

Frankie’s story.

Frankie snapped her lead when she saw a rabbit while walking with her owner at Huntspill. Despite searching she was not seen again till early Wednesday morning, attempts to catch her by the owner, police, dog warden and local helpers failed and later that day the owner received a report that she had been hit by a car and ran off. The driver did not report the accident to police.
With no sightings reported despite appeals on local Facebook groups DogLost volunteers searched during the weekend using a thermal imaging scope and Frankie was spotted still in the area.

The all important sighting was called in this morning, owner rushed over and Frankie ran straight to him.

Frankie suffered serious gashes to her flank when hit last Wednesday and due to the amount time before she was caught and taken to a vet she has had to have surgery to remove dead skin and will continue to need treatment to the wounds. She was very lucky not to have any broken bones or worse. The car driver has still not been traced and did not report the accident to the police.
Funding has been organised towards Frankie’s vet treatment, the estimated cost is £1000.00.

Gina (Poochpal)
South West Regional Co-ordinator


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