Reuinted Inka!

Fantastic news to see stolen Inka reunited which is all down to the vets that scanned and contacted doglost as came up stolen as a puppy in August 2019 with Luna.
Massive credit to the vets      Bristol Imperial Vets4Pets 
They acted as we hope all vets would –  Inka was bought in to be registered as a new client and they scanned as a matter of routine and she came up as stolen- After contacting doglost they held onto Inka. They explained to the  person who bought her in that he had bought a stolen dog and they would be holding on to  her.
I contacted Avon and Somerset police who said would try to attend soon but in case of any problems to phone 999. They too were more than helpful.
The man who bought her in left with no problems and his details will be given to police in the hope that they may be able to gather information of where purchased and might lead to recovery of Luna.
In mean time another  member of staff was also contacting Inka’s owners to give then the great news and they said would be coming to collect her immediately.
What a great result all because a vets did what is being asked by Debbie Matthews
“Vets get scanning” –

Just see what can happen when you do !!
Owner posted on doglost-Thank you to everyone involved in bringing Inka home. She is home, happy and settled and remembers us, even though she was so little when she went and has been away for so long! Thank you for all your support xxx
CJ DogLost Police co-ordinator.


  1. Jayne
    Jayne 1 year ago

    Well done Imperial Vets! And well done Wayne who took the call and actioned CJ ( our police liason leader)

    To get results like this has taken over a decade of hard work…Debbie from vetsgetscanning with her ongoing awareness campaigns and changing vets attitudes…( just a mere few of the things that the incredible Debbie has done!)

    And DogLost CJ for starting up the police liason team…and has tirelessly for over a decade recorded all dog friendly police officers in the country and a contact list that we can instantly get help….Along with an extensive list of Crime numbers !

    In the past a lot of vets have been worried that by scanning they will have to “police” the dogs coming in…This shows that they are not alone and have back up…and together we can achieve results!

    So well done all…shows what we can achieve if we work together!

    Oh and of course the doglost admin team who keep the doglost data base up to date ( no mean feat!)

  2. Avatar
    Wayne May 1 year ago

    Thank you CJ and Jan for acting so promptly, you both deserve a special thanks. Always a pleasure to work with our great team.

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