Rescue dog Pup update.

Dear all
Thank you for all your support. Today tuesday the 30th january it has been one week since i was rescued.
As i am now in foster care and sponsored by doglost i would like to keep you updated on my progress.
Last tuesday i was seen by a nice vet, and my weight was 19kg, nearly ten kilos under weight for a dog my size, i have gained 4lb in seven days and my muscle mass is improving.
I have learned to be clean indoors and ask to go outside, my best friends are coco the chihuahua and princess a Pomeranian mix. I’ve even managed to stop chasing the cat, well only when dads looking 😁 ( a work in progress dad said ) on a more serious note thank you everyone for your kind words and support, i have received a new coat, collar and lead and bed donated by #jollyes Dartford.
Doglost uk have sponsored me, life couldn’t be better.
I look forward to writing next week to let all my friends and supporters know my progress.
Day one photo followed by 1 week photo below…


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