Rescue dog Pup update and photos.

Dear all
Our weekly update on pup the rescued lurcher.
It is now weeks two since pup has been rescued, the sores on his feet have healed really well and the fur has begun to grow.
So far he has passed all his assessments and is happy to live and play with children. His progress with cats is exemplary and shows no aggression or want to chase them.
Pup is totally house clean and continues to please his foster parents.
He is due back at the vets this friday for a general check up and to be weighed, as you can see on the picture’s, in two weeks his condition and weight gain is fantastic and a credit to the care of the fosterers.
Pup has a new playmate called fenn a cocker spaniel puppy 12 weeks old, that is going to be trained as a therapy dog over the next 12 month’s.
Back to pup, with the support and sponsorship of doglost. His recovery is on track and is making his way to having a life a dog deserves.
You can also view a short clip of pups first experience on my twitter feed, @wmay47
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