Rescue dog on the run in Chesterfield after 50-mile journey from home

The ‘nervous’ three-year-old male cross-breed, named Olly, was last seen on CCTV footage on Walton Back Lane.

Olly – who had only been with his Ilkeston owner a few days after he was adopted from a foster kennel in Doncaster- bolted from her garden as she opened its gate on August 13.

Helen Buckland – part of a group called Dog SOS Derbyshire – believes Olly may be trying to make his way back to his foster kennel in Doncaster.

Olly has been on the run for three weeks

However, she fears it won’t be long before he is hurt on a major road trying to get there.

On an amazing trip covering over 50 miles, Olly has been spotted in Derby, Ashbourne and Tissington before making his way to Chesterfield.

Helen, from Chesterfield, said it was common for foreign rescue dogs to run off – as they are often spooked by unfamiliar surroundings.

Olly during a sighting in Ashbourne

She said: “They often follow rivers or train tracks looking for something familiar so we’re just waiting for Olly to stop somewhere.

“He will be in survival mode now – probably scavenging for food in bins or eating horse poo around farms.

“But he’ll be trying to avoid predators and humans so we’re asking anyone who spots him not to shout or approach him.”

Helen is asking anyone who sees Olly to phone 07934 673790 or 07814 734867 so she and other experts can bring him back to his worried owner.

You can view his DogLost timeline here.

You can view the original article (by the Derbyshire Times) here.

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