Ralph reunited story…

Ralph went missing on the 28th April at Cheddar gorge…having seen and chased a deer…( Ralph was on a lead…but seeing a deer…the Border terrorist instinct kicked in )

Owner’s daughter ( Heidi)  Rang yesterday for advise…As she was on her way up to help her parents…

Heidi  printed 50 posters  and put up around local farms…A farmhand who had seen a missing poster ( and taken a photo ) then found Ralph playing with sheep…He kindly contained him and was able to ring the owners directly as he had stored the contact details on his phone…

The owner would like to thank everyone for helping as they were on holiday and knew no one locally. He was so touched by the amount of people out looking for his dog…and would especially like to thank a lady called Lynn who travelled up each day from Weston-super-mare to help search.

Owners daughter apologizes for some people looking that were unaware that Ralph had been found as was in a poor signal area so could not update.

A very happy ending and I am proud of local helpers who spent time looking….A HUGE THANK YOU FROM US AND OWNERS…


Follow Ralph’s DogLost timeline here…


From owners family…


Here’s the picture of Ralph we’ve had looking a little scraggly but sounds like he’s doing well. On his way home now, thanks again for all your help!


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  1. Jayne
    Jayne 4 years ago

    And no he did not catch the deer…just managed to get himself completely lost!

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