Quality of life,Advice for aging pets.

Aging pets start to pick up new problems which need to be dealt with appropriately. With our guide,
you will have to tools to help your pet along its way to enjoy their life. We go through several key
concepts and points to help your animal.

Aging Pets Can Live Happily

Our beloved pets do a world of good to us, even when they start to age. Although after many years
walking becomes short and sleep becomes long, bursts of playful energy will still help put a smile
on our face when your pet is old. The bond between man and animal will grow as we help them
make their way through seniority – we will treasure every single moment we can.
People who haven’t ever cared for aging pets may not be so sure of what to do when their animal
turns old, however, it is important to keep in mind that just because your animal is a bit older, this
doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a rich and fulfilling existence. Of course, arthritis may make it harder
for your pets to move and as their sight deteriorates it can be a harrowing thing, but this needn’t
stop them from enjoying your company. Here’s what you need to do as your pet becomes an old

Keeping a Lookout for Changes

As animals grow older, there are certain ailments that make it hard for them to move, so your
home’s tiles and slippery surfaces can be a problem. It is easy to create a solution here, for example,
make it easier for aging dogs by picking up a few cheap rugs to slip over the surface and ease the
problem for them. This traction will be highly useful for them – sooner or later you’ll see how aging
dogs behaviour improves over time. Greater mobility will prevent them from becoming more
decrepit and losing balance further.
You may also find that your animal doesn’t want to get inside a vehicle, jump on the sofa or even
climb up a set of stairs. A lot of people might mistake this behaviour for the pet being stubborn, but
it is most likely because of stiff joints and pains within the animal’s body. Once you start to see any
changes in activity, scheduling an appointment with your vet. Your trusted veterinarian can make
recommendations for therapies, supplements, medicines and other care that can help prevent pain
and alleviate any inflammation.

Diminishing Vision and Poor Hearing

Unfortunately, if your pet starts to experience vision loss or deafness, different precautions need to
be taken both within and out of the home. Pets with these sorts of impairments aren’t able to stay
away from danger as easily, for instance not being able to see the car coming at them down the
road. Your pet also may not come to you when you call for it. Significant risks are increased for
otherwise infrequent accidents such as bumping into furniture or tumbling down a set of stairs.
Keep aging pets safe by using baby demarcation gates and block access to stairways. Remove
potential hazards that your pet could come into contact with.

Vets Really Help

It is recommended practice that aging pets receive frequent trips to their local vet. Joint pains,
dental health, hearing and vision are necessary to monitor. Your vet will also perform tests in order
to see if the liver and kidneys are functioning properly. They can also recommend tools to help such
as the best dewormer for dogs . If you start to notice any bizarre habits,behaviours, or changes inappearance it is important to take your pet to the vet as soon as possible.

Exercise, Health and Weight

Even though your pet is aging, exercise will be much needed. If an animal starts to gain too much
weight, this can have harmful long-term implications on their health, especially their joints. Take
your pet out short strolls so that their weight stays healthy and their muscles are toned, without
damaging their mobility. Even aging cats can be encouraged to walk with you. It is important to
monitor aging cats behaviour so that you can look out for signs that they’re overworked because too
much isn’t healthy. Simplify exercise by engaging your pet with toys to play with, also helping to
stimulate their mind.

Enjoy Those Golden Years

It’s not all doom and gloom – your animal's seniority can be some of the best years it has. By
putting in some additional care and planning into the mix, you can keep your animal safe,
comfortable and living healthily for a number of years to come. Adoption isn’t only restricted to
cute little young ones too. Check with your local shelter or animal organisation to see if you can
adopt an aging pet.

Are you currently caring for an old pet? Perhaps you know someone who’s had an old animal in the
past or someone who likes to care for aging dogs? We’d love to hear more from you about what it
takes to care for aging pets. Share your thoughts and reflections with us below.
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