Puppy Holly gets VIP treatment after 999 rescue in Ashford

Puppy Holly made an instant impression on her new neighbours when fire crews had to come and rescue her after she got stuck exploring her new home.

Holly, a 12-week-old boxer, somehow squeezed between a shed and the house that her family had just moved into in Snowbell Road in Ashford, Kent.

Her owners tried in vain to free her and eventually called Kent Fire and Rescue Service.

The crew freed her using hydraulic equipment to widen the tiny gap.

They were rewarded with cuddles with the puppy, who emerged none the worse for her adventure.

Owner Karen Surridge, relieved to be reunited with her mischievous pet, sent Kent Fire and Rescue Service a message, saying: “A brilliant job all round. Thank you so much for rescuing Holly. You’re the best.”


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