Pug puppy saved after swallowing a needle

A pug puppy had to be rushed to an animal hospital after a needle and thread became lodged in its stomach.

Sonia Wheeler, from Sunderland, dropped the large needle and before she could pick it up Doug swallowed it.

Following an X-ray at a local vet Doug was transferred to Wear Referrals, an animal hospital in Bradbury, County Durham.

A specialist was able to remove it by performing an endoscopy, and Doug has “recovered remarkably well”.

An X-ray showed the needle lodged in the pug’s stomach

Chiara Giannasi, an internal medicine clinician at Wear Referrals, said: “Doug coped exceptionally well with the procedure and after an overnight stay with us so we could keep him under observation, he went home to his family the next day.”

Ms Wheeler said: “Doug has recovered remarkably well and is back to his cheeky little self, with a love of cuddles, sunshine and the outdoors.

“Regarding the incident, all I can say is I dropped the needle and Doug was quicker than me at picking it up, unfortunately.”

Needle and thread
The large sewing needle and thread were successfully removed

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