Public urged not to buy dogs without documentation.

The Farmers’ Union of Wales (FUW) has reminded people this weekend not to buy any dogs from social media sites or any person where appropriate documentation such as ownership and pedigree papers cannot be provided.

This, the union warns, increases the demand for stolen pets.

Dog owners are also being reminded by the FUW of steps to protect their pets from theft.

These include:

  • Avoid leaving dogs in the garden or outside kennels if you are not home
  • Think twice before leaving your dog alone, secured outside a shop or any other location
  • Make sure your dog’s microchip information is up to date
  • Keep a current photo of your dog
  • Don’t give details of your pets, your location or your walking locations out on your social media platforms

An FUW spokesman said: “If your dog is lost or suspected stolen, it is important to act quickly.

“Report all missing/stolen dogs on 101, so if found they can be reunited with their owners.

“After reporting it stolen to the police also advise your local authority and all other neighbouring local authorities.

“If you believe your pet has been stolen, report it to the police and ask it is recorded as a theft and not a lost animal and note the crime reference number provided.

“Notify the microchip database provider and also consider reporting it to or their Facebook page. They coordinate thefts for each county and offer advice and support their Facebook page.

“Visit places where dog walkers go such as local parks and public places and talk to people, asking them to keep an eye open for your dog. Make posters and display them in areas local to your home and also in relevant places such as vets, local parks etc.

“The poster should include a clear photograph and details of the circumstances.

“Make sure local vets are aware in case someone takes your dog in for treatment.

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