Pua the adorable baby border collie was born with two noses

An adorable border collie puppy was born with two noses. Five-week-old Pua, named after the pig in Disney film Moana, has to be bottle fed every two hours as he can’t suckle due to his noses. The blue merle collie, who was born to mum Willow and has two brothers and four sisters, has been rapidly socialised due to the amount of human contact he has had. Jessica Wheatley, 45, bred Willow as she loves having puppies in the house in Gonshall, Surrey. The mother-of-four takes turns getting up in the night with eldest daughter Katie, 16, to feed Pua with a bottle. Jessica said: ‘I’ve been breeding puppies for 14 years and I’ve never seen one like this before. ‘I’m a hobby breeder and a stay-at-home mum, so I can look after them. ‘I’ve been bottle feeding Pua daily every two hours, which means setting a lot of alarms.

‘I do everything that I can for my puppies. ‘It is very important to me that they are healthy and their temperament is good.’ Jessica said that she noticed as soon as Pua was born that his nose was deformed. But within an hour of the birth, she was able to pick him up and check him over. She said: ‘It was just a little line between his nostrils. ‘As I checked it, it became more obvious. ‘His nose was pink but now there is black pigment coming through.’ She described the deformity as ‘like a hair lip’, with a cleft between his teeth. ‘There’s a cleft in his top jaw and teeth and the teeth are growing towards each other,’ Jessica said. ‘He’s too small for operations at the moment.



When Pua is old enough he will need to have a minor operation to remove some teeth. Unusually, the deformity is considered desirable in some cultures, with some breeds including Double-Nosed Andean Tiger Hounds designed to have two noses. Jessica added: ‘The people at the vets said they had seen cleft palates but nothing like the nose before. ‘It is not very common.’ While researching the condition, Jessica discovered that there were a couple of breeds of dog which also have two noses. ‘People thought they made better hunters,’ she said


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