Providing Care to Your Pets During COVID-19 Quarantine / Isolation

Let’s start off with the good news first. It’s well-believed and generally advised by the CDC that pets are not at risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus. While the final verdict is still out on the certainty of this, the CDC has not yet received any reports of pets contracting COVID-19 in the United States.

In regards to the risk of spreading COVID-19 from humans to pets, the CDC says that they are aware that a small number of pets outside of the United States were reported as being infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 following contact with people who were infected with COVID-19. However, currently there is no evidence that proves pets can spread the virus to other animals or people. The CDC is monitoring the situation and publishing the latest updates on their site along with guidelines for taking care of pets during quarantine.

How to Care for Pets if You Have Coronavirus 

If you are sick with COVID-19 (whether it’s suspected or confirmed), it’s important to follow the proper precautions to prevent getting your animal sick. Follow the same types of precautions if you are sick and around animals just like you would around other people until the virus is more thoroughly understood. This will help ensure your safety and the animal’s safety.

Precautions to take to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to or from pets:

If it is possible, you should have a different member of the household provide care for your pets while you are sick.

Avoid contact with your pet, which includes:



Being kissed/licked

Sharing food

In the event that you do not have someone else to take care of your pet, be sure that you thoroughly wash your hands before and after coming into contact.

Preparing isolation for your pet

If you are able to get out and buy products, don’t get caught up in the toilet paper aisle, but be sure to stock up on the nutrients your pet will need in the upcoming weeks. As pet owners scramble to purchase the things they will need for the human members of the household, they may overlook stocking up on food for pets. Also, if your pet takes medication, be sure that you have extra in the house in case of an emergency.

How to keep your pets active during quarantine

Considering the fact that you will be at home with your pet all day, you will have plenty of time to spend with your pet indoors. Take advantage of this time and strengthen your bond with your pet through activities and involvement.

How does isolation affect pets?

Isolation and quarantine affects your pets just as much as it affects you. Your pet may start displaying depressive behaviors, such as:

loss of appetite

trouble sleeping

lack of desire to play

Pets, dogs especially, are always looking for something to do. Being confined and unable to do the things they want to do, such as taking a walk to the park, can easily make a pet feel depressed. It’s important to keep in mind that a pet has no concept or idea of quarantine, so for them, the change could be quite traumatic. You have the extra time during isolation to be sure you’re giving your pet plenty of attention and play time.

Never forget our furry friends

What this all boils down to is that you must never forget about your pets – even the ones who have already crossed the rainbow bridge. How can you do this?

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