Protect police dogs-sign the petition.

In Northern Ireland, hundreds of service animals work daily to keep us safe, whether sniffer dogs, police dogs and horses they all work with the same dedication to duty as the men and women in our Police force.

Unfortunately, in Northern Ireland, our laws don’t protect them the same way and currently, the law views a Police animal as little more than property.
This means that if an animal is assaulted or attacked in the line of duty, the assailant is likely to receive a punishment akin to breaking a window.

It happens. Police dog Finn was seriously injured while protecting handler, PC Wardell as he tried to arrest a suspect. Finn saved PC Wardell’s life but was so seriously injured that he had to undergo four hours of emergency surgery. The suspect was charged with aggravated bodily harm for the officer’s injuries but only criminal damage for the horrific injuries to Finn. They are campaigning hard in England, Scotland & Wales for a change in the law: ; @finnforchange

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    CJ 3 years ago

    Thanks for adding on blog. I think lots got my link as sent it to all on my phone on FB whatsapp and twitter…signatures have already gone up lots !!

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    Bobble 3 years ago

    2nd reading in Parliament on Friday 16.06.18, Team Finn are all working hard with a last minute push for everyone to contact their MP’s as the current law does not protect or Police Dogs or other service animals.

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