Pregnant dog walks into hospital looking for help after being stabbed


A pregnant dog with a 14-inch knife in her back walked into a hospital by herself. The pooch began barking and appeared to make gestures for help after during the incident in the Colombian town of Ocana. Local media reported that doctors at the Emiro Quintero Canizales hospital rushed to her aid and managed to stem the bleeding.

The dog, named Milagros (Miracles in English) by hospital staff, was then transferred to the San Augustin Veterinary clinic where an operation was performed by veterinary surgeon, Carlos Alberto Bayona. In the video, Milagros can be seen sat in a car with bandaging around her body and the handle of the knife sticking out of her back. She is covered in blood.

A man can then be seen lifting the wounded pooch out of the car and carrying her to the vet’s table. She is tended to and her wound is re-dressed. Milagros lost all her puppies from the knife wound and despite the initial surgery being a success she sadly died the following morning from complications associated with anaemia and a wounded lung, according to reports.

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