Pooches are living their best life at a £1m luxury resort for dogs

Yup, we’re officially jealous of dogs. While some of us are trying to squirrel away enough cash to enjoy a weekend trip, these dogs are living the high life – getting pedicure treatments, taking afternoon swims and eating gourmet doggy food at Love Ur Dog luxury resort in Wirral. Much like a hotel for humans, there are four-poster beds, 48-inch HD TVs and a chaffeur service of new Range Rovers. Except the guests are probably a bit furrier, noisier and smellier.

Founded by Scott Williams, a power boat racer who struggled to find good accommodation for his dogs while travelling, the hotel offers penthouse, garden view and executive suites. For dogs travelling together, newborns and those cranky pooches who like their peace and quiet while on holiday, there are also specially designed puppy, family, quiet and XL suites.

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