Polling day

Please go against the trend of photographing dogs left tied up out side polling stations….please stay with any dog you see until owner comes out…and of course leave your dog at home.

Thank you.

Update…Now seeing the media showing dogs outside polling stations…so sad…hope none get stolen today.

http://Dogs at polling stations are here to warm the hearts of Brexit-tired Brits Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2019/05/23/dogs-polling-stations-warm-hearts-brexit-tired-brits-9663952/?ito=cbshare


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    Helen Burton 2 years ago

    We had this in our local area, local government encouraging voters to attend with their dogs and leave them outside while the owners voted as the couldn’t guarantee that all dog would be welcomed inside with their owners !! Sent them a post asking if they were not aware of the current dog stealing epedemic, so they changed the wording !! Do they even know what goes on in the REAL world ??

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