Photos from Big Doggy Do in Milton Keynes

Lovely day Saturday, sunny with lots of beautiful dogs and owners!
Many chips checked; advice given re dog safety and lots more people aware of the large number of dogs still missing /stolen in this and surrounding areas.
Photos show new Buckinghamshire Volunteer, Vicki Romero and Rupert
2nd photo – Annette Grey, Rachael Gaines and Nicky McCarthy
3rd Photo – Jack, who’s lovely owners paid us a visit to show us how he was now. He went missing earlier this year for 5 nights, was listed on DogLost, but made it home on his own – clever boy!
4th Photo – taken just for you Jayne! Ruby wore one of our Bandanas into the ring . . .
5th – Lucky Dip proved to be a real success; many of the Labs returning for extra goes! The smaller participants getting in completely
A great weekend, although wetter and windier on Sunday.
Thanks to the Milton Keynes Parks Trust Team for Inviting DogLost – we had a great time!

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