Pets at Home groomer sliced off chunk of dog’s tongue while trimming fur

Mike Corry, 63, had dropped off 20-month-old cockapoo Marley for a routine appointment in Bretton, Peterborough. But when he returned to pick him up, he was told the dog’s tongue had been ‘nicked’ while the groomer cut the fur around his face.

Mr Corry claims that Marley’s injury then began bleeding once he got home and saw that the dog’s tongue had been ‘badly damaged’. He said: ‘I took Marley and our other dog Monty to a routine grooming appointment at Pets at Home and when I returned to pick them up and pay the groomer said Monty’s tongue had been accidentally nicked.

‘They explained he had been taken to the vet next door who said he should be ok. ‘We took him home and later noticed his mouth was bleeding a bit, but it was hard to get him to open his mouth fully for us to see. ‘Over the next couple of days he was more clingy than normal so we kept a close eye on him and on Friday we decided to take him to the vets.’

Mr Corry says the vet said Marley’s tongue had been badly cut and suggested it could be stitched or rounded off. ‘We’re devastated and distraught, it’s a bad curved cut, which is quite severe,’ the owner said.

Mr Corry has since lodged a complaint against Pets at Home through the Resolver website. He stated that the family are now looking into getting stitches for Marley. A spokesman for Pets at Home said: ‘We are very sorry for the upset and concern caused by this unfortunate accident and hope that Marley is on the mend soon. ‘Marley was seen by our in-house vet when the accident occurred, who had no concerns about the small cut on Marley’s tongue and did not feel that any further action was required. ‘We are in ongoing contact with Marley’s parents around this situation.’




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