Pet Theft Reform update from Debbie Matthews of Vets Get Scanning and SAMPA

Absolutely delighted to see the Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill pass the Lords Committee Stage. 
All reunited stolen dogs have suffered greatly by their theft and some by their incarceration in puppy breeding establishments, we hope this will make dog thieves think about the way they treat stolen pets and that the courts take into account not only the physical damage but the anxiety and stress caused to these much loved domestic pets. I’m upset that it’s a missed opportunity to have Pet Theft Reform included as a specific offence  in this new legislation. 

Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill: Debate in Parliament on 16th April and passed Committee Stage in the Lords on 22nd April 2021 
Chris Loder MP tweeted: My Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill passed through Committee Stage in the House of Lords yesterday! Expecting Remaining Stages next week.
This bill aims to increases the maximum penalty for specific offences related to animal welfare in England and Wales.
Explore the Lords Library Briefing. Find out more about the Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill:
Second reading: Friday 16 AprilCatch up on Parliament TV: Watch:
Read the Lords Hansard transcript:
Lord Randall of Uxbridge (Conservative), former Minister for Culture, Media and Sport and the bill’s sponsor in the Lords, opened the debate. 
At this point in time it looks like #PetTheftReform has been excluded from the Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill 
As Dr Daniel Allen has said before: 
Routes to #PetTheftReform 
(A) Changes to Sentencing Guidelines connected to Theft Act
(B) Amendment to Animal Welfare legislation to include pet theft as specific offence
(C) Amendment to Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill to include pet theft as a specific offence
Remember, the sentience of stolen pets is not considered in UK law. The welfare of stolen pets is not considered in the
Please email your MP:

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Debbie Matthews Pet Welfare Campaigner
BBC News on Dog Theft and checking microchips to reunite pets:-

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