Pet theft petition reaches target…

Thank you all groups for sharing and getting to target.

To Dr Dan, SAMPA and to Debbie Matthews from vets get scanning  who has done a great job being a tireless ambassador for the victims of dog theft.

‘Debbie Matthews, chair of the Stolen & Missing Pets Alliance (SAMPA) and Founder of Vets Get Scanning, on seeing the target met at 100,000 petition signatures said “With our thanks to SAMPA’s Patron,  Dr Daniel Allen, his guidance helped us through. It was a wonderful experience to see pet families from all walks of life start to promote the #PetTheftPetition.  We have had support from newspapers, TV and Radio, Facebook and Twitter Missing Pet groups and to top it all many celebrities – the one thing that binds us all together is the love of our pets, they are members of our families and we believe the law should reflect this to protect them. We have now sent a strong message to the Government as we move forward for #PetTheftReform.  Pet theft breaks hearts 💔

CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE WE DID IT 🐾❤🐾 WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Once we are given a date for the #PetTheft debate we must all write or email our MP’s asking them to support and attend. Watch this space – we will prepare a template letter to copy and paste. Thank you all #PetTheftReform 🐾❤🐾


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