Pet Theft Debate was a huge win after all!

Just had clarification from the Minister, pet theft is now definitely a category two or three crime.

No mistake.

We appear to have uncovered a very important and significant change to pet theft sentencing that no one else appeared to have known about – including most – if not all – of the legal profession!

So now our mission is make sure the Government clearly communicates this – so that the criminals hear about it, too!

No point aiming to get tough on pet crime and not telling anyone – we think the judges and police will probably be as surprised as we were!

So what a very, very good job we had that debate.

Maybe the second reading of Ross Thomson MPs Pet Theft Reform bill will go even further and get the law to clearly state the serious consequences of this heinous crime.

We want tougher sentencing as a meaningful deterrent – we want pets to become too hot to handle. Looks like we have a way of doing that now!

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    nicky brooks 3 years ago

    thankyou thankyou thankyou to all the wonderful people who made this happen

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