Pet American bulldog Hindo dies after being thrown from balcony then beaten with stick by street drinkers

A heartbroken family have spoken of their devastation after their beloved dog was thrown from a balcony in a horrifying attack.

Cristian Dutu said the incident began after nearly 40 people gathered on the street below his flat in Toxteth, Liverpool, and started drinking on Saturday.

As the day progressed, he said the crowd started to get rowdier and began throwing bottles at parked cars on the street.

At this point Cristian’s mother Mihaela went down to speak to the boisterous group to tell them not to throw bottles and then things escalated.Cristian, 27, said: ‘We have a terrace by our flat, where my dog often sits outside.

After my mum went down to the group to tell them to calm down it went crazy.

‘People on the street started to climb the fence to get onto our balcony, armed with broken bottles and knives.

‘There were 10 to 15 people on the terrace and me and my mum were slashed with the broken bottles.’

Cristian said the attackers then grabbed their dog Hindo.

‘We’ve had him since he was a puppy and because he was trying to protect my mum they grabbed him by the legs and threw him from the terrace onto the street.’

Hindo, an American Bulldog cross, survived the fall but Cristian said the people on the street below then began to hit him with sticks.

Cristian continued: ‘I ran down to the street and tried to get them off my dog.


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