Pedro missing after a car crash recovered by local volunteers

Pedro was travelling with his dad & his doggy friend on Thursday morning when his owner was involved in a car accident, the other dog was contained, however Pedro fled the scene.  Due to his injuries, it was difficult for Pedro’s dad to give the exact location, with the car written off & the family not living close, Pedro’s mom, who is heavily pregnant, was also restricted.

Northamptonshire Police were able to confirm the location late on Thursday evening &  Oxfordshire co-ordinator Lin, along with Area Volunteers Val & Claire sprung into action to help the family, postering the area to ensure that all sightings were reported, searching tirelessly & much more efforts that are required to see a speedy capture in these situations.
Several sightings were reported of Pedro being seen in a field near to the accident site & surveillance camera & trap were set up in the area, monitored by Lin, Val & Claire along with much help from the farmer
Here is Pedro after being safely caught in the trap, with the lovely farmer who gave so much help!  Huge thanks to the farmer & well done to Lin, Val & Claire for their efforts in this safe capture.
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