Paul O’Grady rushed to hospital after lying in the gutter with dogs…

Paul O’Grady has revealed how was taken to hospital after lying in the gutter of Delhi for the latest series of his hit TV show For The Love Of Dogs. Paul, 62, admitted it was his own fault that he was rushed to hospital after he tried to help clean the wounds of two dogs who were also suffering from maggots. He was diagnosed with a high temperature, fever, and delirium after he tried to help stray dogs living in the Indian city, the second most populous city in the world; it is thought there are 400,000 stray dogs in Delhi.

From Shiver Productions
Thursday 26th April 2018 on ITV
Pictured : Delhi Indie street dog
In this brand new series, Paul O’Grady travels to India to help some of the 400,000 dogs living on the streets of Delhi. Having fallen in love with the country on a previous trip, Paul returns to explore the populationÕs complex relationship with dogs and to meet the heroes who’ve dedicated their lives to helping sick and abandoned canines in dire need.
In the series opener, Paul meets an abandoned street dog pup with a potentially fatal virus and an adorable golden retriever who won’t stop chewing her paw. He also rolls up his sleeves like never before as he rescues a litter of puppies, born in the grounds of the beautiful Lodhi Gardens, from almost certain death.
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