Pandemic pet demand blamed for surge in UK dog thefts

When six of Sarah’s dogs were stolen in late December, she was left reeling. But she was not alone, as increasing numbers of pet owners have experienced similar losses across Britain.

“I can’t name one feeling because there was too many — I was basically shocked, upset, frightened because of how this happened,” the 35-year-old, who declined to give her surname, told AFP.

“(I was) obviously really, really, really worried for the dogs and it’s hard to go on with daily life because you feel guilty.”

The dogs disappeared after thieves broke into the outhouse where they slept overnight at the family’s property in a quiet village near the town of Port Talbot in south Wales.

Five remain missing but a female English springer spaniel stolen was recently found by a passerby, and a vet was able to trace her back to Sarah.

She had a nasty wound where the perpetrators had unsuccessfully tried to remove her microchip.

“Seeing the injuries that my spaniel has got, (I’m) even more worried for the dogs now,” said Sarah.

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