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Catch up from admin…

Exciting news to start with….A vets has just called to say they scanned a French bulldog with halo scanner and it came up with ring doglost as reported missing to us….Checked the chip number and Sandokan went missing 4 years ago! Trying to contact owner but no answer…Jan has managed to find owner on FB […]

Gemma on Lost and found channel 4.

Great to see  owner following scenting advice sent by Alison from admin (especially the dog bed with the poster in…  just in case someone wonders why a dog is in a bed in the middle of nowhere!) … And  to see the  ordeal on film!  Owner was amazing! What a huge area to cover and […]

Is this a Nellie Doodles sketch?

Yes it is!   Thanks  to  Kent co-ordinator BB451 We have permission to use…more exciting news is that a limited signed edition print has been donated to the DogLost Facebook auction page! If you were wondering what to get the friend with everything…maybe the print below would be the perfect present…To see more of Nellies […]

DogLost stats.

November 29th to December 5th. 120 dogs reunited. 277 new members. 16,361 missing dog alerts sent to helpers.

Layla on Lost and found Channel 4.

Lovely to see Layla back home…Clever girl to make her way to Costa Coffee shop! And it shows how important it is to put up posters locally! As finder saw a poster and was able to call a delighted owner….Well done to the security guards who spotted her on their CCTV and were able to […]

Bella on Lost and Found channel 4.

Todays episode features Bella a Doberman Labrador cross rescued from mauritius by a couple who fell in love with her on holiday and brought her home with them for a new life in Crayford. Owner followed  advice and sat down and spoke softly when he saw Bella until he got her confidence…Great to see! Good […]

Jail term for dog owner.

Cruel dog owner gets punished. read more…

The dog and Bone…

More tales from DogLost admin… Phone call to Doglost…I answer with “Good morning DogLost”…they say is that DogLost? …I reply yes…they reply sorry wrong number??? Am still trying to work that one out! And on a daily basis…I will be on the phone to an owner and ask them if they have rung the local […]

Tales from admin.

I am sure people think Admin have a crystal ball! The number of times we have an email stating “my dog is lost can you put on site please?” ….And thats it!  No name,breed,date missing,contact details…where missing from etc…So admin have to reply listing all the information needed…and it comes through in dribs and drabs […]

Jaynes Journal.

Just a quick blog as rugby about to start….Sorry using same old photos as despite now having mastered how to take a shot on my selfie kids camera…Now have to get them on the laptop…I seem to have downloaded them but cant find where they are for now… Anyone watch Gogglebox last night?  Not quite […]

Bella on Lost and found channel 4.

Another happy ending! Lovely at last to see you Maxine after many many calls I can finally visualise you! Maxine always gives above and beyond in her search for missing dogs in her area along with her local team. Tonight Lost and found is one of the programmes featured on Gogglebox…dont forget to watch… What […]

Ada on Lost and found, Channel 4.

And todays featured dog is Ada… Great to see longtime  DogLost Helper Linda out on the search to help find Ada! Never seen a thermal imaging camera in operation before… Linda kindly raised money to buy the camera for use by Doglost local helpers by being sponsored to have her hair cut into a rainbow […]

Volunteer of the week…

Cynthia screen name Nina. Nominated by Myself for the unsung work Cynthia does behind scenes by catching up with all the latest comments (as admin don’t have time to read every post) …and sending an email to us to let us know which we need to action/bump/monitor….along with a link so we can click straight […]

Cookie on lost and found Channel 4.

Another happy ending!  So lovely to see how much dogs mean to people and how many like minded people join together to spread the word to help distressed owners. Area Coordinator Lisa… screen name Westie123  was straight on the case to assist owner…putting details on Doglost on owners behalf…spreading on social media…and most importantly giving […]

DogLost weekly stats.

November 22nd to November 28th. 166 dogs reunited. 201 new members. 1,731 posts. 23,183  missing dog alerts sent to helpers. 54,000 visitors.

Sky on Lost and found channel 4.

Great to see Sky back with her family…none the worse for her ordeal after being out alone for 25 hours and only a 13 week old puppy! If you missed it watch again here… Catch up on Sky.s Doglost page here…

DogLost LICKS…

Local Independent Community K9 Supporters…The first of  many to come is Wellingborough Dog Squad… Nominated by Area coordinator LisaP because… “Wellingborough Dog Squad are a great support to Doglost in Northamptonshire.  As co-ordinators we cover a large area & the support of such local groups is a great help.  They have detailed knowledge of the […]