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Latest from Jaynes journal….coming soon.

The DogLost shop is being worked on at the moment and will be up soon. Do support us by buying products you normally buy elsewhere on line via our shop. they will give doglost a small percentage towards our running costs. Help needed by anyone with experience of running/sourcing dog related products. Please email […]

Missing Scruffy in the local paper

Missing crossbreed scruffy is in the Bournemouth Echo. __owner_desperate_to_be_re_united_with_dog_lost_during_walk_at_Meyrick_Park/?ref=twt Follow Scruffy’s progress here…

Its that time again.

Yes its Rugby season…Being Welsh I am passionate about rugby…so hopefully not too many missing dogs in today so can watch the  match between Australia and Wales being played just down the road from me. Just off to Cardiff now to soak up pre match atmosphere for a few hours.

Bluebell is home

Just had word that  Bluebell stolen from outside a supermarket in Plymouth has been returned.  Well done to our local coordinator Selena for getting the media interested and for making this dog too hot to handle. Thank you to the people who gave us information on the man who stole her. In the end he […]

Doglost weekly stats

Introducing our first week of sharing Doglost statistics…And what a busy week its been!… from the 1st November till the 7th November. 197 dogs reunited. 283 new members. 34,433 missing dog alerts sent to members. 880 tweets. Well done everyone!  


Thank you all for your help  

what a weekend…

All the team exhausted with keeping up with the missing dogs due to the fireworks…well done crew.

Jaynes Journal

Gosh just pressed refresh and the whole front page of the blog has changed…Think my expression says it all!  Its getting there! a few more tweaks on colours and I want the paw prints back and the minty date of posting button…what does everyone else think? Do leave a comment with ideas…

Jaynes Journal

Gosh those fireworks are going mad in Newport tonight! Lots of missing dogs coming in …. Managed to touch base with a telecon  earlier today with Scott who is kindly going to lend his expertise re the digital side of building an online community blog…lots of good ideas coming in….Welcome to Scott.

East Anglia coordinator Helen on the radio.

Well done Helen for doing an hour slot  with presenter carol James on new radio station Smart radio giving advice on keeping your dogs save during fireworks…and of course for plugging local missing dogs! listen here time 10.15-11.15 today.

And Volunteer of the week goes to…..

Admin helper GillyP!  Gilly has religously entered details of all found dogs by out of hour dog warden service SDK onto the doglost website over the last few years and as such has helped reunite scores of  found dogs with their owners…Amazing effort on its own… but yesterday someone spotted a dog found in Bromley […]

Missing Dizzee in the press today

Dizzee is featured in two local paper articles today. The Camden Journal… And the Ham High… Follow the search for Dizzee on Doglost…See how the amazing Team dizzee is helping owner…

Jaynes Journal

All set here for halloween!   As you can see work being done with developer on the blog today…so bear with us….we will get there in the end…we are going for an infinity scroll system rather than a page view system and shortly the menus should appear on the RHS along with alterations to the tile […]

jaynes journal

Another busy week.  171 dogs in reunited this last week alone. Yesterday was busy with 35 dogs being reported into Doglost as missing.  We are begining to see extra cases coming in due to being spooked by fireworks…please be aware that fireworks are going off randomly and will do for the next few weeks.


  What is a Thunderclap? Thunderclaps help us spread the word about our missing pets. We can create a thunderclap for you, it can take a day or two to be approved but then we can share it everywhere we can on Social Media, asking people to support & share it.  This, in itself, means […]


You will find us at   At the moment, we have over 47,000 followers and we will always be extremely grateful to each and every person who retweets our posts and helps to spread the word about missing pets.  You never know where your re-tweet will go – so please join in and help […]

Jaynes Journal

Yes I managed to do the accounts in time! That ominous brown envelope is now on its way to the Post Office…As just moved office could not find my bank statements or calculator so had to use the on line banking system…in between calls meaning the page kept closing on me so had to log […]

heidi in the news.

Heidi and her search are featured in the Peterborough telegraph…hopefully this will bring in some sightings.   read more about Heidi and the search on their Doglost page.

well done splash!

Splash who made doglost record books for the amount of shares and page views in less than 24 hours last week when he went missing has qualified for Crufts in a dog show held the day after he was found…Just in time Splash! Read more here…