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Cat dragged off by 2 dogs…

A Wigan woman is appealing for answers after two dogs broke through her garden fence and dragged her cat away. The plea from Hindley Green resident, Julie Barlow, is also being backed by animal charity, Cats Protection Atherton & Wigan who originally homed the cat. The distraught pet owner has been searching for her Tortoiseshell […]

Welsh dog in final of worlds ugliest dog.

A toothless and almost hairless dog from Wales is officially the third ugliest dog in the world. Chase, a 14-year-old Chinese crested mix, who lives with his owner Storm Shayler, 49, in Cimla, won bronze in the 2017 World’s Ugliest Dog competition. What is Autism Awareness Week and how can you get involved? Despite his […]

Dog owners beware Alabama rot warning.

Dog owners have been warned to keep their beloved pets away from mud after fears the killer disease, Alabama Rot, could be picked up from it. Alabama Rot also known as CRGV is a deadly illness which has attacked many canine companions. The crippling disease causes the dog to vomit and develop skin lesions and […]

How adorable are these?

Kind owner of Mis Mish ( now reunited) is kindly sending us some of her hand made mini Frenchies…cant wait for them to arrive! Thank you!

Jayne’s Journal.

Firstly welcome to new social media Helper for South Wales…Buddy! Congratulations to Dog squad Milton Keynes on their well deserved DogLost LICKS award. Attended a wordpress meeting in Cardiff on Tuesday as they had a speaker talking about GDPR the new regulations for data coming in on the 25th April….Just a few points that need […]

Lily stolen one year ago today.

DogLostLisa P – Regional Co-ordinator, Central….Lily has been missing for a whole year & could be anywhere by now so please look out for her EVERYWHERE. Lily’s family have proactively searched and followed up every lead, travelling all across the country to ensure that nothing is missed. They have worked tirelessly & will continue to […]

And our latest DogLost LICKS award goes to…

Dog Squad Milton Keynes!   ( Local Independent Community K9 Sharers) recommended by many…Co-ordinator Lisap sums this up well…in her own words.. I would like to nominate Dog Squad MK for a LICKS award, they have a solid base of volunteers who spring into action whenever they are needed. Although not in my own region, they […]

All-party Parliamentary Dog Advisory Welfare Group.

Wayne May DogLost SAMPA representitive will be attending this meeting and will update us all  afterwards. Where Are We With Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) & Dog Bite Prevention? The topic of BSL never fails to appear divisive within many animal welfare organisations, veterinary professionals, doctors, lawyers, Police, Government, and local authorities. This APDAWG meeting will […]

Dogs tied up outside shops.

Thank you to co-ordinators Karen and Sarah for producing this warning poster. Please share and feel free to print off and display in your area.

Ghost’s tragic story featured in the Daily Mail.

A dog owner says she is ‘devastated’ after her five month old labradoodle was found dead after going missing from a dog day care centre. Andrea Pothier’s puppy Ghost was discovered lying at the side of a busy road, just yards from the company’s enclosure. Some 100 people had joined in the hunt for the […]

Pet theft.

Our pets are Family! Please read, sign and share Let’s all be more #PetTheftAware Please join us and help get this Petition through parliament …  

Shock collars.

‘Shock’ collars to control pets AREN’T cruel. Banning them will kill our furry friends… a controversial but passionately held view by QUENTIN LETTS who’s sure electric collars help keep his beloved dogs alive By QUENTIN LETTS FOR THE DAILY MAIL PUBLISHED: 01:11, 22 March 2018 | UPDATED: 16:21, 22 March 2018 +2 Part Bedlington terrier, part Heinz, Cinders (pictured) loved […]

And another DogLost LICKS award goes to…

The North West team would like to nominate Barbara Howard for the DogLost LICKS  award.  ( Local Independent Community K9 Supporters) She’s a fantastic help to us all, advises owners to register, and she’s a fantastic support to owners of missing pets. These are the groups she manages on Facebook, as you can see, she’s […]

DogLost weekly stats.

March 14th to March 20th, 2018. 116 reunited pets. 218 new members. 25,472,missing pet alerts sent to helpers. 1,870 comments left on missing pet profiles.

Dogs trained to sniff out ancient treasure.

Dogs are being trained to detect ancient treasures in an attempt to tackle cultural heritage trafficking. Five dogs are being taught to recognise the smell of pottery and ultimately its geographical source. The programme is a partnership between the Penn Vet Working Dog Center in Pennsylvania, USA, and Red Arch Cultural Heritage Law and Policy […]

Update on pup…Lovely photos!

Update from Artisan rescue… ts hard to believe that its been 2 month’s since pup the lurcher arrived at our rescue. Through the sponsorship of dog lost and jollyes pet store, pup has made a full recovery, and thanks to mr and mrs j smith for giving pup a future and permanent home. Pup has […]

Jayne’s journal.

You really wont believe what I have signed up for tomorrow evening! This self confessed technophobe is going to a wordpress meeting tomorrow evening in Cardiff …where question and answer session on GDPR and  wordpress will be hosted by experts and many local techie guys/website businesses attending… Wish  them all luck with me! Jayne